Das Modul richtet sich an Studentinnen, die eine Karriere in der Wissenschaft in Betracht ziehen. In regelmäßigem Rhythmus (einmal jährlich) werden Veranstaltungen (bspw. Karrierecoaching) angeboten, um die Orientierung und mögliche Karriereplanung in der Wissenschaft zu unterstützen. Das Angebot in 2018 findet am 9. April statt:

Coaching-Workshop: Master’s degree – What’s next?Steps in Academia and Beyond

This workshop addresses female students at the end of their master’s program.Once you complete your master’s degree you have a number of opportunities: You can stay on the academic path, start a doctoral project and maybe even head for a career in research and teaching. You might want to look for a change – go into the business world, start your own entrepreneurial project or work for an NGO or a non-profit-organization. 

Sometimes it can be hard to gure out where you actually want to go. The workshop helps you develop your individual career goals beyond your master’s program:

What are your competencies? What is it that you are good at? Which job opportunities do these skills hold for you? What do you want from a job? What kind of work environment do you prefer? How do your professional and personal visions align?

Information and Application:

You will receive further information (e.g. location) via e-mail after your successful application.Please submit your informal application by 30 March 2018 with your CV and if available an exposé of your doctoral project (max. two pages) via mail to heike.liepelt@uni-mannheim.de . Please note, the number of participants is limited, therefore your application is binding. There is a fee of EUR 20.

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Heike Liepelt

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